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Taj Literature Festival's Website Launched

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Agra: The website of the first-ever Taj Literature Festival being held here Feb 1-3, 2013, was launched by Agra Archbishop Albert D'Souza.

D'Souza said the festival would change the literary profile of the Agra region. "All must come together to promote the literary heritage in a positive direction," he urged.

Speaking on the occasion, social activist Shivani Chaturvedi said that the whole Braj region is a repository of rich Hindi and Urdu literature which needs to be projected at the national level.

IT professional Rakshit Tandon, who has designed, told that the website in a book format "is not only attractive but user-friendly".

"Interviews with authors would be added along with their detailed bio-datas," he added.

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Brij Khandelwal, Editor,, cleaning a pavement near the Taj Mahal in Agra

Brij Khandelwal, Editor,, cleaning a pavement near the Taj Mahal in Agra

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